SWH2: Vista2

I have started creating full themes for Sweeter Home 2 Beta. Download it (its free and amazing) from this link : https://www.sweeterhome.com/

Install it and make it your default home.

Search for themes made by the screenname : gjsii13

Download the Vista2 Theme.

*Download BatteryWiz* For the battery status

This theme features a working Windows Vista-Esque Start Menu.

You should probably install Astro File Manager, Mobisle Notes Free, Aurora, Weather Widget Free, and HeroStyle Clocks Free.

All of these apps are free and take up barely any space. They add to the feel of the theme and make the sidebar work, and start menu be fully functional.




Photo Gallery: SWH2: Vista2

/album/photo-gallery-swh2-vista2/vista2-201002140346-png/ /album/photo-gallery-swh2-vista2/vista2-201002140348-png/