SWH2: Windows 7 Version 2

I have started creating full themes for Sweeter Home 2 Beta. Download it (its free and amazing) from this link : https://www.sweeterhome.com/

Install it and make it your default home.

Search for themes made by the screenname : gjsii13

Download Windows7v2.

*Download BatteryWiz* For the battery status

You don't need to install anything to make this theme run right. You can download HeroStyle Clocks Free and Digital Clock Widget. It lets you click the right side of the screen and it will display a large analog clock with a digital clock that look very good.

Clicking in the bottom right of the bottom bar will open the All Apps menu.

Screens below:

Photo Gallery: SWH2: Windows 7 Version 2

/album/photo-gallery-swh2-windows-7-version-2/windows7v2-20100fdd2140356-png/ /album/photo-gallery-swh2-windows-7-version-2/windows7v2-201002140354-png/