SWH2: Cleanest Perfection

I have started creating full themes for Sweeter Home 2 Beta. Download it (its free and amazing) from this link : https://www.sweeterhome.com/

Install it and make it your default home.

Search for themes made by the screenname : gjsii13

Download CleanestPerfection.

*Download BatteryWiz* For the battery status

This theme is my personal favorite. If you mix my transparent top with this theme it really sets up a beautiful look for your Droid.

If you click the top date, it will display the large analog clock (HeroStyle Free).

Download, rate and enjoy guys.


Screens below:

Photo Gallery: SWH2: Cleanest Perfection

/album/photo-gallery-swh2-cleanest-perfection/cleanestperfection-201002140404o-png/ /album/photo-gallery-swh2-cleanest-perfection/cleanestperfection-201002140404r-png/ /album/photo-gallery-swh2-cleanest-perfection/cleanestperfection-201002140404uu-png/