Welcome to my website

I created this website for a place to share with other rooted Motorola Droid users, great and original, but simple themes for tweaking the appearance of their Motorola Droids. I have themed little annoyances with the phone: Such as the highlight color, white status bar and battery and will keep updating the site as I continue to extend my creating ability.

I hope that you guys enjoy the site and I look forward to seeing a lot of downloads and receiving positive feedback.

My contact address is on the Contact Me Page and in the lefthandbox <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Direct Download To Your Phone!

02/14/2010 17:47
Click these links to directly download the themes or APK's to your phone! Sweeter Home 2 Beta (For 2.0+) (Install and Set As Default - NO ROOT REQUIRED) Install this and search for themes by the author: gjsii13 Transparent Status Bar The Transparent Status Bar (Metamorph - Root...

Sweeter Home 2 Beta Themes Now Available!

02/14/2010 16:13
 Sweeter Home 2 Beta is out and it is incredible! The best, most customizable Home Replacement on the net! I have uploaded three brand new themes that are my best themes so far! Enjoy and rate!

New Themes Added!

02/03/2010 07:46
Three themes are live now! Transparent Status Bar Green Highlight iPhone Dim Highlight

Website launched

02/03/2010 07:45
Our new website has been launched today!